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Young Toddler - Ages 1 to 2 years

Below are the program goals for children in our Young Toddler Program.

Emotional Development

  • Recognize self in mirror

  • Feed self

  • Play alone

  • Express affection to others

  • Briefly delay immediate needs and wants

  • Use imagination in play

  • Assert independence, sometimes

  • Help with simple chores

  • Be cooperative during dressing (e.g. coat)

  • Attend to a task for a brief time (e.g. 2-4 minutes)

  • Show interest in toileting
Social Development & Living
  • Parallel play with others

  • Imitate activities and actions

  • Share with others occasionally

  • Assist others with simple tasks, sometimes

  • Participate in a small group for short periods of time

  • Initiate social responses with people
Physical Development
Gross Motor
  • Bounce while sitting/standing

  • Kneel

  • Pull self to a standing position

  • Stand alone

  • Creep

  • Walk independently

  • Kick

  • Twist body

  • March

  • Throw a ball

  • Jump

  • Push/pull toys

  • Run

  • Pick up objects from the floor without falling
Fine Motor
  • Grasp

  • Shake

  • Point

  • Drop

  • Squeeze/bang/pound

  • Pull

  • Attempt to stack/build

  • Stir

  • Empty/fill

  • Pour

  • Scribble

  • Turn pages

  • Use a spoon

  • Paint
Cognitive Development
  • Respond to stimulus

  • Imitate behaviors/sounds

  • Explore own environment

  • Play with objects and toys

  • Point to three body parts (e.g. hair, eyes, nose, etc.)

  • Recognize own name

  • Respond to simple requests/directions

  • Name three objects (e.g. verbally)

  • Match and pattern

  • Remember some previous information
Receptive Skills
  • Respond to sounds and locate their direction

  • Respond to own name

  • Learn basic sign language

  • Identify simple sounds

  • Listen to short stories/look at simple picture books
Expressive Skills
  • Babble and chatter

  • Repeat sounds

  • Repeat simple words

  • Sometimes participate in simple songs and finger plays

  • Imitate single word communications

  • Your peace of mind is important to us!

    child handWe know how important it is for parents to feel confident that their children are in a secure, clean, and nurturing environment. Therefore we're staffed to serve the whole family.

    Our experienced caregivers bring a variety of skills and interests to their classrooms, while ongoing training keeps them current with child care issues and curriculum. Our staff, are ready and willing to respond to your needs.

    We thank you for considering This is the Way and we look forward to serving you when you become part of our family!

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