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Infant - Ages 6 weeks to 12 months

Below are the program goals for children in our Infant Program. Generally by the end of the infant stage, children may be able to do the following:

Emotional Development

  • Smile spontaneously

  • Discriminate strangers from familiar people

  • Establish and maintain eye contact

  • Laugh aloud

  • Recognize own image in a mirror

  • Exhibit responses to things liked and not liked (e.g. food)
Social Development
  • React to familiar persons/objects

  • Enjoy simple social games

  • Give and receive affection

  • Imitate the behaviors of others
Physical Development
Gross Motor
  • Hold head erect

  • Slide/scoot in various directions

  • Roll over

  • Crawl

  • Sit with assistance

  • Sit independently

  • Bounce while sitting/standing

  • Kneel

  • Climb

  • Pull self up to standing position

  • Stand alone

  • Creep by hanging onto furniture

  • Walk with assistance
Fine Motor
  • Track an object visually

  • Reach for objects

  • Watch movement of own hand

  • Grasp rattles/toys

  • Hold objects and look at them

  • Transfer objects and look at them

  • Pull out large pegs from board

  • Bang and pound objects

  • Hold a cup

  • Use pincer grasp to grab small items
Cognitive Development
  • React to the presentation of a toy

  • Turn to look for a dropped object

  • Uncover a hidden toy

  • Use noise making toys (e.g. ring a bell, squeak a toy, etc.) in a purposeful manner

  • Look at pictures in a book

  • Look in the proper place for an object when it has rolled out of sight

  • Enjoy placing objects in and out of containers
  • Respond to a sound by turning to its directional source

  • Establish eye contact with staff members

  • Babble and coo

  • Smile when approached by others

  • Imitate speech sounds

  • Use single words (e.g., mama)

  • Wave "bye-bye"

  • Understand "no"

  • Respond to own name

  • Learn basic sign language

  • Jabber with expression

Your peace of mind is important to us!

child HandWe know how important it is for parents to feel confident that their children are in a secure, clean, and nurturing environment. Therefore we're staffed to serve the whole family.

Our experienced caregivers bring a variety of skills and interests to their classrooms, while ongoing training keeps them current with child care issues and curriculum. Our staff, are ready and willing to respond to your needs.

We thank you for considering This is the Way and we look forward to serving you when you become part of our family!

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